Murdered Brooklyn landlord was 'a good man': relatives

A landlord in Brooklyn that had been abducted was found dead in a public dumpster outside of a gas station on Saturday. Menacham Stark, father of eight, was kidnapped Thursday, the attack caught on a security camera from a store near Stark's office. The manager of the store said that the tape shows a car waiting for twenty minutes until Stark approached his own vehicle. He fought his attackers until, from what the manger says, it appears he was hit with a taser and taken away. Detectives are looking into multiple possibilities as to why someone would want to kidnap and kill Stark. They are investigating all angles, including a possible affair, debts that were owed, and many others. Different sources shed different lights on Mr Stark, some painting him as a good landlord and others not. Stark's family indicates that he felt that he was being watched prior to the abduction.

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POSTED January 06 2014 1:52 PM

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