Even if you're a property manager or landlord with only a single property under your belt, networking can be essential to gaining guidance from experts, deals on services, and even leads on potential additional revenue. While you may think you're dialed in simply because you have met a few contacts through your daily dealings, there are likely networking opportunities that you're missing out on. Fortunately, these opportunities are all quite easy to integrate into your existing network.

Social Networking
One of the most beneficial yet underutilized methods for making important connections in property management is social networking. While following the Facebook page of a local National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) branch can help you stay up to date on news related to your industry, joining their group on LinkedIn is much more beneficial.
Once in the LinkedIn group, you can engage in conversations with local and national industry experts. If you're having trouble with something, such as understanding how a Section 8 eviction works, you can simply ask the question in this group. These experts are more than willing to share their experience and offer their expertise. In addition to NARPM, the LinkedIn groups for Residential Property Management Professionals and Tech Savvy Property Managers are also quite helpful for social networking.

Involve Yourself in Community Events
Social networking also provides a distinct form of marketing for property managers, but the marketing benefits garnered from getting involved in the community could be even more beneficial. Whether it's a local charity event to raise money for a family who lost their home or an event being held at a local Home Depot, it's important to get involved. This is a tremendous networking opportunity that doesn't involved purchasing a booth and, in the end, these types of events can gain you connections both inside and out of your industry.

Instead of getting caught up in the idea that you might have to buy a booth or admission into a trade show to meet large numbers of individuals for your network, focus instead on finding meetings where these people gather without the formality. Luckily enough, there's a website that focuses on meetups and, coincidentally enough, it's called Meetup.com.
By going to the main property management page on Meetup, it's easy to find groups of local individuals either directly involved in or connected to your industry. There are tons of these gatherings all over North America and, if you ever happen to travel out of the country and want to meet a few like-minded individuals, it also lists gatherings all over the world. What better way to build your network than to meet others interested in building theirs as well?

Chamber of Commerce Events
Crazily enough, few property managers even think of attending Chamber of Commerce events for networking. Even if there are few other property managers in attendance, getting to know others in related fields is just as important.
Imagine running into a contractor who's willing to provide value-adding renovations to your property if you're willing to come to them directly. Additionally, it's easy to learn tricks of the trade at these events. If you've yet to learn how to properly use property management software to automate most of your tasks, for instance, it will undoubtedly come up in conversation with others in the industry.
The recognition of how essential networking is to property managers can change your entire perspective on the industry, but recognizing the opportunities you're missing out on is even more beneficial. By taking advantage of all of the networking possibilities before you, it's easy to expand on and make your property management career even more of a success.


POSTED May 20 2015 2:13 PM

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