New real estate agents joining ranks after thousands left in bust

New real estate agents looking to make quick money joined up when the market was at its peak, but when the bubble burst, many chose a different route. As things are beginning to look up, newcomers are slowly moving towards the real estate market again, hoping to learn during more difficult times so that they will be solid when things even out. Sacramento is showing a bit more interest, some 50-70 new people becoming Realtors every month, according to Chris Little, the president of the Sacramento Association of Realtors.

Many of these new Realtors are starting a second career, such as 52-year-old Pat Quan with Coldwell Banker in El Dorado Hills. Formerly he was a software developer, but has been working hard as an agent for about a year now. His old-fashion method of knocking on doors has paid off. One family was so impressed with him that they chose him to represent them over two other agents that had come recommended by friends. Quan was able to sell their house for 10% above what the other agents had told them to ask for it.

Robert Zargaryan also chose real estate as a second career after spending his first in insurance. He's interested in helping young families find the homes that they've been looking for, believing that staying positive is the number one focus.

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POSTED October 16 2013 11:45 AM

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