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Obamacare May Devastate the Real Estate and Travel Industries

Americans have become more and more mobile, often relocating and at times even holding second residences in other counties and states. While this has been a common practice throughout the country, boosting certain areas of the real estate, the new healthcare law that people are calling Obamacare may put the breaks on that.

One woman interviewed said that she lives most of the year in Connecticut, where her home residence is. She and her husband had bought a second home in South Carolina to escape the cold New England winters. Since their health coverage changed under the new law, they are no longer covered out of state as they had been before. Though they can afford a second home, paying for half of their doctors out-of-pocket is looking like it will be more than they can handle, so they will eventually have to sell that home and remain in Connecticut.

The author of the article claims that this could become a trend that affects people's travel and where they buy property (especially if it is for vacation reasons).

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POSTED December 18 2013 1:24 PM

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