Competitive rental markets require you to go beyond a basic listing to get renters' attention. You need a way to make potential tenants feel like they're already living in your property before they step foot in it. Use online tools to help your listing stand out from the crowd, especially among more tech-savvy tenant pools such as millennials.

Floor Plan Creation
A floor plan lets potential tenants know how much space they have to work with in your property, the general room configurations and the flow of the house. Some floor plan tools also allow tenants to place standard furniture in each room, which helps them plan their interior decoration before the rental showing. You create an immediate emotional connection between the tenant and your property with this tool.

Virtual Tour
A photo or video virtual tour takes your tenant on a visual journey throughout your property. You show off the rooms and unique features so the tenants have an idea what to expect before you show the rental unit in person. A panoramic, 360-degree virtual tour is often used by landlords and real estate agents to give a complete view of each room. A video tour lets prospective tenants see the property as you walk through it, which also helps them make a better decision on whether they want to take the property before they go to the showing.

QR Code
Make it easy for potential tenants to access online information about your listing by using QR codes on your marketing material. This QR code is read by a smartphone and pulls up a corresponding web page. You can lead the user to a mobile-optimized version of the virtual tour or additional neighborhood and property information. This appeals to the rental demographic that does research through the smartphone, especially if the potential tenant is driving around the area and needs to pull up information on the property quickly.

Social Media
Don't be the only one talking about how great your property is — let current tenants chime in, too. Use a social media outlet such as a Facebook business page to talk about events near the properties, current tenant experiences with your rental units and other relevant information. Add short articles about the neighborhood to give potential tenants an idea of what it's like to live in this area. When you have social media pages available, you also give potential tenants another communication channel. A useful side effect of social media is the potential to create a close-knit community among current tenants. If you provide a venue for interaction between tenants, they can engage with each other on social network groups and in person.

Google Maps Points of Interest
Create a guided tour around your neighborhood with Google Maps or a similar online mapping feature. Point out interesting areas such as parks, restaurants, stores and other attractions. You want to show off why potential tenants should pick your property and neighborhood over other available listings. A point of interest map also lets prospective tenants know you are knowledgeable about the area.
It's hard to stand out in highly competitive rental markets, but incorporating these online tools puts you a step ahead of the competition. Using the Internet to market your property and help renters imagine themselves in your building can be a big boost to your rental business.

POSTED October 16 2015 2:16 PM

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