Oregon sues Lake Oswego apartment for $977,000 after tenant doesn't get handicap parking and dies

The state of Oregon is suing Prometheus Real Estate Group, the owners of an apartment complex in Lake Oswego for the death of one of their tenants. James Calogridis, an older resident of the complex, had placed a formal request for a handicap parking place in their parking lot, siting medical issues that made it difficult for him to walk from the car to the apartment.
Mr Calogridis put in the request in June 2011. He was provided with paperwork to fill out - including information about his doctor - and finished with that by October of the same year. He didn't hear anything from his request, so he checked back again in December. This continued until January of 2012 when he fell and badly injured his leg, requiring him to spend time in the hospital and use a walker. Two days after he returned home from the hospital the apartment complex supplied him with the new parking spot. He died shortly after that.
The state alleges that the owners and property managers discriminated against a tenant with an obvious disability, even when he went through the proper channels to receive the spot closer to his home. They are asking $900,000 for Mr Calogridis' widow and $77,000 in civil penalties.

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POSTED December 19 2013 12:37 PM

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