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Prayer to Pope Francis: Upper West Side nonprofit asks the Vatican for help in landlord drama

A nonprofit Spanish Language center on the Upper West Side is looking for a way to stay where they're at and they've reached out to the Pope for help. Prana, the building's owner, signed a short-term lease with El Taller Latino Americano for $7,000 a month for its third floor space. When the lease expires next July, their rent will go up to $17,000 a month and the 34-year-old organization is reeling at the jump. They've begun a petition that included a request for help from Pope Francis, who is reviewing the request.
Prana's spokes person Sam Singer says that they wish that their tenants had spoken to them first rather than to go straight to a petition. While lower rent may not be a possibility, they say they'd like to work with them, possibly moving them to another area of the building that would be more in their budget.

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POSTED December 03 2013 1:59 PM

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