Whether you’re a real estate agent or property manager, using social media outlets to generate leads for your business is a smart decision. Building your online presence will not only make it easier for people to find, but also generate buzz around the properties that are awaiting purchase or rental. Facebook and Twitter can be lifelines for your business. In today’s booming real estate market, they are essential tools that help to increase your client base and sustain existing clients.

Pinpointing Your Audience on Facebook

Tracking demographics on Facebook business pages (using Page insights) can help you narrow down stats on age groups, cities, and languages. Facebook can even let you know when your customers are online, which allows you to time your ads accordingly.  

Marketing Tools for Your Personal and Business Fan Pages

There are two ways real estate agents and property managers can market their services and offerings on Facebook. First, make sure your business fan page URL is pasted into your contact information section of your personal profile page. Facebook actually allows up to six URL spaces in the website field, so including your page as one of them is a great idea. You can bolster your marketing efforts by adding your fan page URL to:

  • Business cards                                  
  • Property fliers  
  • Print Ads
  • Direct mail
  • Email listing presentations                                
  • Email signature
  • Facebook ads
  • Open houses

The second way to leverage Facebook for your marketing purposes is to add your fan page URL to the work and education profile section of your personal page. To do this, navigate to the "About" section of your profile, and locate the work and education section. A drop down menu should appear, allowing you to type in and then select your business fan page URL.    

Hyperlinking both pages will make it easier for business contacts to navigate to your page and should generate a steady growth of “likes” over time.

Adding Social Media Plugins to Your Page

If you have a website, you can actively promote your Facebook presence by adding a “like” box plugin. This plugin tool code provided by Facebook gives you the ability to direct clients or tenants directly to your Facebook page from your website.  

Using Twitter for Real Estate Marketing

A Twitter account is a great way to connect with your current network of contacts and prospective clients in real time. By showing your expertise and sincerity towards helping your clients succeed, you'll attract new customers and increase the engagement of current ones. Here are some great tips for getting a leg up on your business through Twitter:

  • Place your Twitter account name on business communications, including the letterhead
  • Design a professional and colorful Twitter background to grab attention
  • Create RSS feeds and Google Alerts, and subscribe to quality web content that you can share on a regular basis


Using Facebook and Twitter is invaluable, but never underestimate the power of video and email marketing as well. You can network through other social media outlets such as YouTube and Google. The possibilities are endless.

POSTED November 25 2014 12:24 PM

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