When it comes to apartment renting it looks like the younger generation may be leaning towards affordability and amenities over square footage. This is something to consider if you're looking into purchasing a multi-unit property, especially if the purchase will be made in a big city with a young working class that will be looking for affordable housing. The millennials are looking for a lower cost of rent, more activities, and they're willing to give up the space to receive those things. When it's a single young professional looking, they are saying that they just don't have a reason to look for more.

Competition is tough in the downtowns of American's larger cities with perks and offers trying to snag the best tenants. Some property management companies or landlords are offering fitness classes while others make sure that their tenants have access to WiFi out at the pool. Dog parks and cooking classes are also on the list of things that seem to interest the younger crowd and might just help bring in the tenants to fill these smaller units.

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POSTED August 25 2014 2:19 PM

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