Renting and the Law: Landlord 'frowns on' December termination

The question is posed by a renter that they contacted their landlord of ten years to inquire about the original lease, as they were on a month-to-month after the first year lease ended. After finding a new place to live, the tenant approached the landlord to inquire about a clause that was in the lease indicating that they might be required to pay two months beyond the time that they would be moving out. The landlord verbally told them that because they had been a great tenant for so long they would not enforce the clause. An official letter was sent over to the landlord on Sept 10 indicating that the renter would move out on Nov 30.
After the lease at the new property was signed, the tenant contacted the landlord again to discuss a pamphlet that they were helping them to create in order to market the rental. The landlord indicated that they would be responsible for December and January's rent as well.

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POSTED November 25 2013 1:45 PM

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