hands tiedWhen you decide to rent your property out to a tenant you've opened yourself up for all kinds of possibilities. While going through a thorough screening process is the best way to keep the bad tenants out of the property (for the most part), credit histories and criminal checks don't always tell the whole story. An applicant may come to you with a high credit score, a clean record, and the best recommendation from their current landlord that you've ever seen, but once they're in the home, you may start to think that the prior landlord left out a few details in their letter to you. Maybe they were afraid they'd cost the applicant their next home or maybe they just wanted them out of theirs, but you find yourself with a demanding tenant living in the property.

These can come in many forms. Some call at all hours of the day and night while others will have a panic attack over something that should never have caused so much grief. Whatever the case, they can be difficult to handle and they can cause a lot of stress in your life.

Making sure that you have the proper policies in place from day one is one of the best ways to hedge against pushy tenants. Unless it's an emergency (ie. the house is flooding, you think there's a gas leak, etc etc) your office hours of from this hour to this hour. The phone will not be answered outside of those hours. Your tenant is welcome to leave a voice mail, but unless the voice mail left mentions a time sensitive issue, it will very likely be the next morning before they will hear back from you. Policies like these are great to handle tenants and make sure you're not spending all of your time on one and neglecting another. The key to it is to stick to the policies that you put into place. If you hand them a list of your office policies and then allow them to bend them to their own design, you'll find yourself catering to the demanding tenant night and day,

Learning to say no can be very difficult, but it's necessary in most any business, and being a landlord is most certainly a business. You'll need to be firm but professional with your tenants.

POSTED August 22 2014 9:33 AM

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