Are We Seeing a Perfect Storm Building for Small Real Estate Investors?

Rumors are beginning to spread across the internet that a "perfect storm" may be building for small partnership firms and individuals that have invested in rental properties. Multiple factors are adding up in their favor, including the fact that rising interest rates may turn some away from home ownership. With fewer people willing to pay those interest rates, they turn to renting. Younger buyers have also begun to shy away from purchasing property. With the price of university and further education climbing, they often find themselves with large amounts of debt to pay off, even when they graduate with a degree in hand. The younger generation is one that has proved to prefer to stay mobile, able to move for the best job. On the other end, the Baby Boomer generation is retiring and many have not saved for this. They have a fixed income that will require them to rent. Though larger investors often buy in cash, these changing situations may also make it easier for the smaller investor as well.

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POSTED December 03 2013 1:56 PM

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