How to serve clients who think real estate agents are evil

There will always be those clients that hire a real estate agent that would have much preferred to not work with one. Sometimes they simply don't know what else to do to buy or sell a home, and sometimes they're looking for a way to do it on their own, but either way, they're pretty easy to spot from the beginning. They're often hostile, wanting to know and judge every detail involved and every step taken. While real estate agents are not required to take every client that comes along, these can be used as a learning opportunity, reminding them of some very basic things that might be left out after years of work. Everything needs to be written down and documented, leaving a paper trail for what you've done. Each step does need to be explained to the client, making sure that they understand what you're doing and why. You never know, you might even be the real estate agent that changes their mind.

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POSTED January 16 2014 1:11 PM

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