pointIf you've been a landlord very long, you're likely to already know that some tenants will push boundaries more than others. What this means may vary from tenant to tenant, and it doesn't automatically make them a bad renter, per se, just one that may need a little more work than others.

The first type of needy tenant comes in the form of a worrier. It's not that they think you've done something wrong, but they're worried that they've missed something or that you have and they want to head off the problem before it ever shows at all. While they may catch something that actually would have slipped by pretty quick, it can wear pretty fast. Especially if they're worrying at all hours and about all things.

The second type is the tenant is the complainer. They are the ones that just will never be pleased. They'll call you at all hours for things that could have waited until morning and they want everything handled yesterday. They are the ones that seem to forget that they're not your only tenants and expect everything done at break-neck speed, and when it doesn't turn out the way they think it should you'll never hear the end of it. No matter what route you take it will always be wrong.

Sometimes there will be warning signs during the lease signing process, sometimes there won't be, but in the end you'll need to have policies and boundaries set up so that the landlord-tenant relationship remains healthy and professional. There is no reason for your tenant to call you in the wee hours of the morning to alert you to a dripping faucet. When you welcome a new tenant into the home make sure that they are clear on what your business hours are. You may consider setting up an online maintenance request portal (such as the one that LandlordStation offers) so that they may make these requests at any hour, even if you are not taking non-emergency calls. That way they know that they won't forget to put it through, but at the same time it will allow you to keep your non-business hours.

You should have an emergency line set up as well. There will be times that a tenant needs to get ahold of you immediately and in those moments you'd likely rather be woken in the middle of the night or contacted while you're out of town. Make sure the tenants are aware what would be considered an 'emergency' so that they're not using that line for every little thing.

Keep communication lines open for tenants so that they know they can come to you. This helps to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently in your rental properties.
POSTED October 13 2014 2:01 PM

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