So You Want to be a Landlord - How to Properly Screen an Applicant, Step One: Verify Identity & Income

There are many different things that a landlord must do to get the tenant that they are looking for, but there are a few must-dos so that they may find the best. The first is to verify that the person applying for the property is who they say they are. Identities are being stolen across the country and world, and a landlord is expected to take certain measures to make sure that the person is being upfront with their identity. Always issue a government-issued photo ID and check it carefully to make sure that it has not been forged.

Once the landlord is sure that the applicant is who they say they are, income is the next step. People that have been at their job for more than two years show a level of stability, but often people will rent homes when they are moving for a new job. Professional references that the landlord may call should be collected to verify employment and payment stubs will prove a steady income. Self employed applicants may opt to provide bank records to prove that they do have the means to pay rent.

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POSTED October 03 2013 2:59 PM

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