Supreme Court Rules that Landlord are Liable for Injuries to Guests of Tenants


Landlords across the country are aware that they must keep safe and sanitary conditions for their tenants, but the Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled that the ability to sue over these conditions can be extended to guests of the tenants. Prior to the ruling by the supreme court, a guest of a tenant at Northgate Apartments had lost her lawsuit against the apartment complex when she sued claiming negligence on their part. A light had been out in a stairwell and she stumbled, falling through a glass panel and was seriously injured. The case was dismissed because she was not a resident of the apartment complex. The supreme court took a look at the case because it was similar to one that they had already ruled on. They ruled that the law that requires the landlord to keep the conditions safe and sanitary applies to guests, not just tenants.

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POSTED February 28 2014 10:36 AM

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