Tenant blames fire in McKees Rocks on home invaders

A rental home was destroyed in a fire in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania on Thursday night, and the tenant is blaming that fire on intruders. Thomas Scott, the tenant, was not found in the home when the firefighters were called out, but later said that he had been the victim of a home invasion and those were the people who had started the fire.
The owner, Steven Smith, has had trouble with this tenant before. Supposedly the two men had worked out a deal that Scott would gradually buy the house from Smith over the course of multiple monthly payments, but those payments stopped late last year. Smith had filed an ejectment lawsuit against Scott once the payments stopped.
Scott had also had two recent issues with the local law enforcement, charges being brought against him for impersonating a public servant. These charges have since been dropped, but it is unclear if Mr Scott ever was involved in law enforcement or not.

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POSTED December 02 2013 3:00 PM

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