It's that time again. A tenant has delivered their written notice and you find yourself busy marketing the rental for the next tenant. The last thing you want to do is clean up behind your previous tenant if you can help it. Incentivizing the tenant to make sure that the unit is in good condition when they leave helps both you and them. If you don't have to come in and pick up trash, haul out items that they've left behind, or any number of other little things that they should have done, it saves you time. It also saves them money, because if they return the unit back to you in the condition that they received it (minus typical wear and tear of course), then they should receive their deposit back.

Some tenants, especially if they do not move often, may not have a good idea what how to handle a thorough cleaning before they move out. You may want to consider providing them with a checklist so that they know what is expected of them. A walk through is also a good practice to follow and it will allow you to make note of anything they haven't done yet so that they may take care of it before they leave.

Here is an example of a list you may wish to start with:

  •     Make sure all belongings have been taken from unit
  •     Throughly vacume all carpeted areas
  •     Clean all hard surface floors
  •     Clean counter tops and surfaces
  •     Clean bathrooms
  •     Wipe down windows
  •     Do not leave trash in the unit

You'll want to tailor the list to fit your unit, but if you provide your out-going tenant with an understanding of what is expected, your much more likley to receive a clean unit returned to you. You may also wish to be ready to provide them with the names of recommended maid services and offer to do a final walk through to make sure everything is in order before they leave. The end goal should be that their deposit is returned in full. That way they will receive their money back and you will receive a property that requires only a little attention before you rent it back out.


POSTED July 29 2014 10:22 AM

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