angryLandlords and tenants will often approach things from a different perspective, but that doesn't mean that will necessarily put them at odds. When you accept a tenant into your property, remember that the lease you sign with them is an agreement on both ends. They agree to pay the rent on time, to keep up the property, and to abide by any rules that are set forth in writing at the beginning of the lease. In turn, you agree to provide them with a safe home and respond in a timely manner to their needs. Things do not always run smoothly with every landlord and tenant, but a good screening process that includes following up with two or three prior landlords can help ease some of that stress and will help you in finding a tenant that is better suited for your property.

In New York, complaints filed by tenants against landlords are down, showing what people are hoping is a trend indicating that the two parties are getting along better. Landlord advocates believe this may have to do with building stronger relationships between landlords and their tenants, while tenant advocates believe that the tenants simply are unaware of their rights and are not filing as they might be allowed to.

Check out The Real Deal's article about it here.

POSTED July 08 2014 2:05 PM

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