Austin, Texas has a lot going for it with its "Keep Austin Weird" slogan. There's all types that find their home here, from a vibrant art culture to a number of tech companies. It's been declared as one of the best rental markets to invest in, causing plenty of landlord attention to be turned to this growing city. So what exactly makes Austin the place to put your rental investment dollars?

Younger Population
Austin has several large colleges nearby, resulting in an overall younger population that helps drive innovation in the city. The tech culture in the area is particularly noteworthy, especially as larger tech and media companies make their home here. The younger population is comprised of college students and young professionals alike, so you have several great options to focus your rental investment efforts on. Off-campus housing is always a hit, as long as you know how to deal with college students, while young professionals are always looking for a quality rental where they don't have to share too many roommates.

Unique City Culture
Austin's arts and culture scene gets plenty of attention countrywide, and it's a big draw for people to live here. It's not a gentrified city like other large metropolitan areas. Austin has its own personality that is a source of great pride in the city, resulting in a sense of community that's often missing in other towns. It also represents a vastly different political viewpoint compared to the rest of Texas, with a strong liberal leaning. Austin also has a significant food culture that has adventurous eaters enjoying their new homes with a new food truck visit every day.

Inexpensive Real Estate
You can't get in at the ground floor in many larger cities, especially ones established and going through revitalization and other renovation efforts. Instead of overpaying for a rental unit that you have to wait decades to make your investment back, looking into Austin's relatively inexpensive real estate gets you more bang for your buck. The rental market is strong and as the population grows in this innovative city, demand for rental units and real estate prices with both rise. It's better to invest now while it's still a relative diamond in the rough.

Growing Business Community
Small businesses and larger companies alike are starting to call Austin home. Some enjoy the culture and the quality of life benefits for their employees. Others feel the creative atmosphere is exactly what they need to grow their companies. Regardless of the rationale, it's a favorable business environment that's bringing in plenty of job growth to the area. As businesses move into the area, more people will settle in and get relocated by their work to the area. These professionals aren't necessarily going to be purchasing a house right away, creating demand in the rental market.

Natural Beauty
People remember Texas is hot, but they don't remember that it has a lot of natural beauty. The parks and lakes around Austin provide an appeal for people who want natural beauty over city culture. You can appeal to both of these market segments with rental units located on the outskirts of Austin.

POSTED April 29 2015 1:27 PM

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