Top 10 real estate trends for 2014

The real estate market is always moving and always changing. There are new trends predicted for 2014 as we approach, showing certain cities like Austen, Seattle, Portland, and The Twin Cities to be more appealing to the younger generation moving out. While investors used to only look to places like New York City and San Fransisco, others such as Dallas, Portland, Boston, Houston, San Jose, and Austen are making the list as well. Job growth will always have an affect on the economy and the real estate economy is not to be excluded from this. States such as Texas with a stronger job recovery have seen it in real estate as well.

Multi-family homes such as apartment complexes are settling out when it comes to construction after so many were built in this past year, and condos, while developers aren't quite ready to put all their trust into them, are at least being looked at for future projects, as some apartments are being built with the hopes of turning them into condos over the next few years if the economy allows for it.

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POSTED November 14 2013 12:47 PM

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