There’s no question that social media plays a role in real estate these days. Buyers and renters use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to find properties, while landlords and sellers also use those platforms to market their properties. For landlords and property managers, another great use of Twitter is following accounts to keep abreast of news that’s important to them. Here are the 10 top accounts you should consider following.

  1. @zillow: Follow the king of real estate listings and data for updated news in any area of real estate you can think of: investing, buying, selling, renting, managing property, screening, decorating and getting along with neighbors. Zillow has it all.
  2. @landlordstation: LandlordStation offers simple and easy-to-use tools such as document management and tenant screening for property managers and landlords. Its Twitter account dishes up useful tips such as what information you should keep out of your rental ads and the best practices for property management.
  3. @mrslandlady: If you need help with collecting back rent, then this account run by Cynthia Schmidt is for you. Her posts cover legal news and the relevant state laws to help landlords recover any money owed to them. For example, in Ohio, you have 15 years to file a claim in small claims court.
  4. @BrandonAtBP: This account by Brandon Turner focuses on folks in their twenties who invest in real estate, but it’s useful to a broad spectrum of people. One of his posts discusses why investing in garages can be a lucrative source of passive income, and another discusses turnkey rentals versus do-it-yourself real estate.
  5. @InvestFourMore: One of the top three posts on this account run by Mark Ferguson discusses why investing in real estate boosts your income and helps you retire early. Another post explains how you can qualify for a loan on an investment property. Ferguson uses the account to share news on buying, investing and renting.
  6. @JustAskBen: Ben Leybovich at Just Ask Ben ran a useful series in early September on whether turnkey investing is a good idea. He’s a motivational speaker and teacher who uses Twitter to advise people on real estate topics such as the effect of the stock market.
  7. @InspirahRM: Need to know how to avoid a dreadful tenant? This account based out of Ontario gives you the lowdown on that news, as well as on how to live with a roommate.
  8. @PMILasVegas: While this company serves the Las Vegas and Henderson markets in Nevada, most of its posts will help anyone, anywhere. Just take a look at the infographic it tweeted out on how to attract millennial renters.
  9. @massrealty: Bill Gassett, a real estate agent in Southborough, Massachusetts, stays on top of the news with his account. Although it focuses more on buying and selling than renting, tips such as ideas for home projects will help landlords make their properties more attractive.
  10. @handsonrealinvest: This account gives a general overview of real estate investing and renting by collecting links from all over the United States. Several posts discuss which real estate markets are hot, and others discuss with tenant-related information such as what to look out for what a tenant offers to renovate your property.

Search Twitter every once in awhile using hashtags such as #landlord, #renthouse and other keywords that are relevant to you. You might find accounts in your area or in areas where you want to invest, and new accounts are created every day. Pay attention to the people and companies that your favorite real estate Twitter accounts mark as a favorite or retweet. Those accounts could be worth your time to follow as well.

POSTED September 15 2015 9:48 AM

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