Changes in the rental landscape can cause your vacancy rates to go up and down. Regulatory changes can make shifting tenants more difficult or change the timeline needed to provide notice to vacate. As laws change and the real estate industry expands and contracts, you need to stay on top of changes to know how to keep your properties full, without spending time tied up in court. The best way to do that might be through social media. These 7 Facebook pages can help you keep up with new laws, expiring regulations and changes to the real estate market, along with potential tools and tips to help keep properties operating in the black.

1. National Association of REALTORS
Realtors handle the buying, selling, and rental of property, and they often offer property management services. This page offers actionable tips for maximizing your profits and information about classes that can help you stay on top of changes to the rental market. Links to tools like maintenance checklists and mobile apps help you find ways to address some of the most costly areas of investment property ownership.

2. National Association of Independent Landlords
Keeping up on local and regional changes to tenants rights can be challenging, particularly if you own property in several states. For instance, the regulations on short-term rentals, like those you might offer on a vacation rental, can be dramatically different from those offered in areas where short-term leases are less common. This page helps keep you up to date on regulatory changes and offers access to services that help you compete with larger rental agencies. They offer updated forms, online rental payment and assistance reporting rent payments to credit bureaus.

3. National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
NARPM focuses on education for landlords and property managers that handle small residential dwellings. They host annual conferences and provide updates on changing regulations that may not hit the mainstream, like the recent change in California that forces some landlords to agree to tenants installing electrical vehicle charging stations.

4. National Multifamily Housing Council
As a nonprofit organization, the information provided by NMHC is geared more toward education, legislation, best practices and research. They educate consumers about the desirability of apartment living while working with some of the largest apartment firms. This means they are constantly up to date on laws and landlord rights. They also have the data to generate educational materials about current best practices and industry trends.

5. National Apartment Association
The National Apartment Association understands that a number of ancillary factors can contribute to rents and vacancy rates. To keep you updated on regional changes, they post information about things like Google Fiber, nationwide rental trends and links to industry journals and publications.

6. BOMA International
Providing information on everything from pest control and emergency planning to standardizing operating procedures and the impact of foreign currency prices on the U.S. market, this page takes a holistic approach to landlord issues. They also publish a real estate magazine that helps you stay up on what's happening in Washington and other world capitals.

7. LandlordStation
If you’re not following LandlordStation on Facebook yet, you should. Helpful articles are posted up daily to provide you with free advice on running your rental business.

POSTED September 10 2015 1:44 PM

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