A military veteran and his wife in Scottsdale, Arizona, are in the middle of a dispute with their landlord over their right to break the lease due to his deployment. Abe Karroum was deployed to Iraq before he married Olivia, but now he's with the Army National Guard and they're sending him to Virginia until March for training. They've asked to break their lease, as they should be able to do under the federal law meant to protect military veterans in case of deployment, so that Olivia can move back home to be with her family while her husband is deployed. The property management company has indicated that they wish for the Karroums to pay the remaining $3,200 that would be on their lease if they wish to move out.
When reached for questions, Arrow Property Management states that they have not denied this tenant his rights under the law.

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POSTED November 25 2013 1:44 PM

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