The business of real estate can often get messy. There are countless bits of paperwork, different properties to manage, repairs to make, tax records to keep safe, and new tenants to review. While some landlords don’t believe much in technology, it’s important to understand how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can completely transform the way you do manage your real estate, connect with new tenants, and keep on top of the needs of current tenants. Here are what features you should look for when choosing CRM software.

Scheduling and Tenant Interaction
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you monitor and schedule dates, update work orders, and alert tenants about important dates when they’re approaching. That means if you need to show an apartment to other potential tenants, your CRM program will send out an automatic message to your current tenant reminding them that their apartment is being shown. This same concept also applies to repairs, information about garbage and recycling, noise complaints, and other landlord-tenant interactions. Consider a CRM software program that includes a service portal where landlords and tenants can communicate directly through the software interface.

Filling Your Rental Property
Some CRM software programs for landlords allow you to make finding tenants much easier. This type of CRM software allows you to organize your interaction history between prospective tenants, automate marketing e-mails that can be sent out to hundreds or even thousands of people to promote your property, and record all of monetary transactions between you and your tenants. That also may include recording rental documents, security deposits, and even uploading photos of the rental space to compare the apartment’s condition before and after your tenant moves in.

Maintenance and Repairs
One of the most essential elements of maintaining a good relationship with your tenant is to stay on top of their maintenance needs. Many real estate CRM software packages for landlords have a feature for maintenance and repairs, which includes access to all of your maintenance history, job specifics, and can even alert you if a repair job is overdue. The details for each job, which include materials used, photos, repair time, and the repair’s cost total can help you determine what repairs are costing you and offer valuable information when it comes time to prepare your taxes.

Activity Reports
Real estate CRM software should also be able to track all of your activity through the CRM interface, and print out weekly or monthly reports that breakdown different data sets and track your progress. That means showing figures like your vacancy rate, how much money you’re taking in, how many complaints you’ve received, repair rates, and other important data. These reports can help you understand what your tenants needs are and how you’re meeting them, helping you improve your tenant relationship over the long-term.

Ensuring Compatibility With Other Platforms
If you’re a landlord using technology to manage your customer relations, chances are you using programs like Google Docs, MS Office, and Excel. Choosing a real estate CRM software that can incorporate these programs seamlessly is important. You don’t want to have to manually reenter all the data you have from these other programs into your CRM interface. While CRM platforms can help you create automatic e-mails that go out to all your tenants on a regular basis, if it doesn’t work with your current e-mail platform, then it’s not much use.

Any Easy To Use Interface
Landlords don’t have time to learn sophisticated software that’s hard to understand. Look for real estate CRM software that it’s easy to use, and features a simple interface. Think about using a piece of CRM software during the free trial period, and see how long it takes you to get the hang of it before making a purchase.
Mobile Options
Today’s landlord is often on the go. That means they’re out there checking properties, speaking with tenants, on vacation, or simply on the road. A real estate CRM platform that comes with mobile capabilities is a great way to stay connected no matter where you are.
Ultimately, it’s not always possible to find all of the above features in just one piece of real estate CRM software for landlords, but it’s important to find the features that are essential for you. Once you find a real estate CRM platform you like, you’ll find that interacting with your tenants is far easier and effective, which will help make your daily life a little less stressful.

POSTED April 08 2015 11:02 AM

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