Credit Monitoring By TenantProtect from LandLordStation

Don't wait until it's too late to worry about identity theft. Protect your credit and your good name through Credit Monitoring by TenantProtect.

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Credit Monitoring

With over 13 million individuals finding themselves as victims of identity theft every year, it can cost you in time, money, stress, and yes, it can even affect your credit. This makes it difficult for you as a renter to find a new home, even if you've done nothing to warrant the extra roadblock in your way. Why wouldn't you protect yourself in every way that you can?

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TenantProtect leverages the identity mangement platform of IDT911, a leader in online ID management used by some of the largest banks and insurance providers in the world. This web-based service will search millions of identity records and monitor your personal credit reports to alert you to potential issues.
Yes, you will receive full identity theft recovery assistance with 24/7 advocacy, guidance, and personalized help. Our plans also include $25,000 in insurance to help defray the costs of identity theft.
Absolutely, not only will you receive personalized assistance, but you will also receive education on prevention.
Financial Identity Theft, Tax (refund) Identity Theft, Utility Identity Theft, Payday Loan Identity Theft, Government Benefit Identity Theft, Medical Identity Theft, Employment Identity Theft, Criminal Identity Theft, Mortgage Identity Theft, Debt Tagging, and Financial Fraud.
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