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For the protection of you and your property, offers comprehensive tenant screening that you can feel confident about. We only use best practices and pull from top sources which comply with the Fair Housing Act as set out by the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Go beyond the limited information that you get from a standard rental application. Our tenant screening services include important information to provide you with a complete picture of your prospective tenants.

Screening potential tenants allows you to know more information before trusting them with your property and welfare. In order to help you with this, offers several different packages allowing you to choose the information you need at a price that is right for you. All of the online tenant screening packages include criminal records, bankruptcy records, foreclosure history, medical collection records and a credit report that includes a score. This basic information will give you a better idea of how stable your new tenant will be in paying rent and can indicate the likelihood of whether or not he or she will get into trouble. For additional minimal fees, the screening services can be expanded to include employment history, known aliases, past address history and eviction records. This additional information can be compared with the information your prospect puts on his or her application as a way to help measure trustworthiness. All reports are stored within your very own secure Document Vault in your Landlord Station account.

In order to obtain screening information from your applicants, make sure that your application asks for all the information needed to run your report. You will need the prospect's full name (first, middle and last) as well as an email address. To ensure that this information is accurate, we suggest that you ask for a copy of their driver’s license, social security card or both. Also, it is not a bad idea to include a release of information clause on your application to keep for your records. With, you can place up to 4 tenants on a single screening application. Other information that we suggest you ask for on your application, both for general information and to have as comparison against your screening report, includes: phone number, current and past addresses, current and past landlord contact information, employer and job details, also with contact information, and questions about past evictions or broken leases.

Once you have collected all the information you need from your screenings and external research, you should choose your new tenant in a systematic way, but it is generally best practice to choose the first suitable candidate who turned in an application. It is important to note that while you can use the information found in your tenant screening report to deny an applicant, you cannot deny them based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap based on national laws. Some state and local governments also prohibit you from denying a prospective tenant because of marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or involvement with Section 8 or other subsidy programs.

Learning about your potential tenant from is fast, easy and reliable. Our online background screening for tenants gives the latest results from national data banks. It is said that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, and that is why we make it our mission to provide you with the best available information on the market at a great price. Tenant screening by gives you the confidence that you have thoroughly vetted your prospective tenants to ensure a productive, long-term relationship. We offer the best tenant screening services available on the market today.

Looking for more information about our screening services for your tenant applicants? offers expert customer service and support for your specific needs. You can always reach our knowledgeable and friendly staff by email or live chat.

Tenant Screening Services Overview

Credit Checks for Landlords

A credit check is one of the most important elements of the tenant screening service. Our landlord credit check provides the credit score of the resident applicant, and we provide a recommendation of whether to accept or decline the resident applicant. The credit check for landlords also lists out the credit summary of the resident applicant. This credit check summary includes detailed information on all types of credit accounts that include the following; closed with balance, revolving, installment, mortgage, and open. Read More on Credit Check Reports

Criminal Record Check

The criminal record landlord check is another vital element of the online tenant screening service offered by Landlord Station. It includes a specific report on all criminal records related to the tenant that is being screened. This includes the arrest record, which lists the court record id and the filing date of the court action. It also lists out the court charge details. This includes the description of the charge, disposition, and statue ID. More on the Criminal Record Check

Bankruptcy Report

Landlord Station provides a public records search that identifies all past bankruptcies associated with the resident that is being screened. The bankruptcy report section of the tenant screening service allows the landlord to identify applicants that have a history of debt problems resulting in a bankruptcy. Read More about the Bankruptcy Report

Foreclosures Check

This section of the tenant screen lists out all of the foreclosures associated with the resident applicant. The foreclosure report identifies applicants that have a history of not being able to meet their mortgage obligation related with a past property. More on the Foreclosures Check

Medical Collections listed

The tenant screening service also lists out medical collections associated with the prospective tenant. This allows the landlord an additional metric to use in the overall assessment of the tenant screen. Read More about the Medical Collections Report

Employment Record

Another important element of our screening process is the employment record. The employment record lists out the previous employers of the resident applicant, which includes the date of employment verification. This can be useful to the landlord in verifying identity and looking into references. More on Employment Records Report

Aliases Report

The alias report lists out the different names a resident applicant may have used over time at different institutions. This helps the landlord identify a specific red flag associated with the individual applying for residency. Read More on Aliases Report

Past Address History

Our best tenant screening service includes a complete listing of the past address history of the prospective tenant. This includes locations such as current homes, previous homes, current rentals, previous rentals, past employers, and current employers. More on Past Address History

Eviction Records

The final section our screening service for potential tenants is the eviction records report. This lists out the location, and it verifies that it matches a previously known address. Since the eviction process is one of the most dreaded situations for a landlord, this information can help the landlord avoid applicants that have a history of evictions. More about Eviction Records

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