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5 Ways Landlords Save Money By Making Homes Eco-Friendly

Many individuals, landlords included, are opting to “go green.” By making a property more eco-friendly, a landlord reduces the environmental impact of that home, but in addition to this benefit,
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Reasons a Landlord Could Lose in Court

Regardless of how well landlords vet their tenants, situations will still sometimes arise that can land them in civil court. This could be anything from eviction procedures to suing for
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How to Repair Screw Holes in Drywall

Even though you told your tenants to only use hanging nails for pictures, there are always going to be tenants that use screws to hang up shelves, cabinets, and other
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How To Repair Basement Wall Cracks

The basement wall is one of the most important structures of every home and building. It supports part of the weight of the home, protects against water damage, and works
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How To Verify an Identity

Whether it is for a job, a rental property, or for a child care supervision need, knowing how to verify an identity is essential knowledge for today. Identity verification helps
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Are Tax Liens Public Record?

All tax liens are public record. Tax season might be a time for refunds and celebration for some households, but for those who can’t afford their tax payments, it can
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