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Top 5 Things New Landlords Should Watch Out For

You’ve finally bought a rental property and are looking forward to your new role as a landlord. Owning a rental property offers a dependable source of monthly income, but if
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When is it Time to Hire a Property Manager?

A good property managers can be a valuable asset to any landlord. Not all landlords want to deal with the everyday issues and problems that arise, and many of them
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Earn a Higher Rental Rate With Better Landscaping

You’ve heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and that is never truer than in real estate. While the landscaping is important to
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Purchasing a New Vs Used Rental Property

If you’re buying a home to live in for a while, it makes sense to purchase property that feels right to you: a home in the neighborhood you prefer, a
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What’s Better than Passive Income?

It’s a dream for many—achieve a steady stream of money that works for you while you do something else, like travel, work a different job, or stay home with the
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Why Some Landlords Choose to Create an LLC or Other Entities

When you first become a landlord, you may not have considered the type of business entity you need for your property management company. For some landlords, they simply fell into
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