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Frequently Asked Questions During COVID-19 for Landlords

During this time, we wanted to provide you with a collection of the most frequently asked questions we’ve seen on our media platforms. Below are the answers we’ve found along
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Dealing with Troublesome Tenants

If you have not had a nightmare tenant yet, consider yourself lucky. These tenants miss payments, sneak in pets despite the terms of the lease, and generally break key agreements
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How To Price Your Prime, New Property To Get The Tenants You Need (and Want!)

If you have a new property ready to be introduced to the rental market, but have little to no idea how you should price your home, condo, or apartment, you
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Are Tenants Protected Against Owner Move-In Evictions

Depending on where you live, you may terminate a lease if you or a family member needs to move into one of your rental properties. Laws governing these evictions will
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Due Diligence: Getting The Lay of the Land On Investment Properties

1. Choose Your Investment Determine whether you desire a long-term property investment or a “flipping” property. Long-term investments produce positive cash flow, increasing your net worth. If you plan to
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Why Landlords Are Opting For Non-Refundable Move-In Fees Over Security Deposits

A relatively new pattern seen amongst landlords is opting for non-refundable move-in fees rather than security deposits. Despite misconceptions, these are not interchangeable. They both have their own advantages, but
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