Criminal Background Check includes a criminal background check in all of our tenant screenings.

Critical information for a landlord to obtain about a prospective tenant is a thorough criminal background check. A criminal records search can prevent a multitude of problem issues for a landlord. A criminal background check is important because your tenants will be in a position of trust and those with criminal backgrounds often do not disclose this information. includes a comprehensive criminal background check to find criminal records of every person who wants to live in your property.

You cannot ask a prospective tenant if they have ever been arrested. There is a big difference between being arrested and being convicted of a crime. You can ask the prospective tenant if they have ever been convicted of a crime. This is something that can be readily discovered by the tenant screening process. Rejecting the application of a potential tenant is often argued to be a human rights violation since it works contrary to the presumption of innocence by exposing people to discrimination on the basis of unproven allegations.

Keep in mind when using a criminal background check to evaluate a prospective tenant that in many states, such as California, you cannot discriminate against a person because they have been convicted of a crime. The crime would have to influence their ability to be a good tenant, such as an illegal drug conviction or a history of violent offenses which could put other tenants at risk.

The determination as to whether criminal convictions can be used to evaluate whether a tenant will be a bad tenant and can be used to reject their application is made by each state. In most states, if you find criminal records that show a tenant has been convicted as a sex offender, you can reject their application on the grounds that your property will be publically marked as the domicile of a sex offender and may be “tainted” in the eyes of the public. In addition, a sex offender is subject to searches by law enforcement and that sometimes means that the front door will be kicked down. It may surprise you to know, however, that some states do not allow you to reject a sex offender just because he or she was convicted of that crime.

A criminal background check may reveal that a prospective tenant has been convicted of one or more drug convictions. In some states a property may actually be seized upon the arrest of a tenant for drug manufacture, sale or use, especially if there was production of drugs on the premises. You may recover the property because you had no knowledge of the crimes being committed on the property, but it is usually a protracted and expensive legal procedure. This may not apply if the offense is a misdemeanor. A criminal records search during a tenant screening can help you avoid this situation entirely. performs criminal background check searches for the entire United States. If you do a criminal records search on your own, it can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Visit the website for landlord information on tenant criminal background checks. Find on-going discussions with leaders in the real estate management community regarding this issue. If you don’t see information that answers your question, you can ask the community of experts on the website for their opinions and experience. This is a unique and invaluable free service that provides to our customers. For the best source of landlord information, visit

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