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Accept Rent Payments or Other Fees

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • No Setup Fees
  • Cleared By Compass Bank
  • Accept Rent Payments or Other Fees
  • Track Payments by Property
  • Easy Notifications and Reminders has developed new online rent payment solution to make your job of rent management easier and more secure. Save money and time using our online rent payment services to electronically collect monthly rent payments, application fees, HOA Dues, and more. The features and benefits of this new system will streamline your business practice, and do the record keeping for you. Our web-based rent payments application is easy to setup and can fully integrate into your existing account dashboard so that you can manage payment by each property and tenant. Stay organized with our new payment program and keep documents at your fingertips.

Save Time, Save Money

We know that you spend time sending rental reminders to your tenants, taking deposits to the bank, creating records for tax purposes and keeping management records. has developed rent management software to help you save time and money on the collection of rental payments. This service is available to our members with a limited number of properties, or you can use our professional level account for up to 100 units.

Easy To Use

Our online rent payment platform is easy to use. Just set up a secure bank account within our system. Each tenant will get their own login and make payments directly into the system. They can also set up recurring payments if they choose. We will send rental payment reminders to your tenants by email, and they will receive a notification when the rent is received. We will also send them notifications to let them know if rent is late. Our rent manager online does more than take monthly rent payments. You can also collect deposits and miscellaneous payments from your tenants. If you establish a secure account with us, we will do all the work for you.

Safe & Secure

Our online rent payment system is safe and secure. You have total access to your funds at all times. This system is secured by Dwolla, a trusted system that is similar to those that banks and credit card companies use. Dwolla holds all payments, bank information, verifications and financial data. By using our management software, you can avoid the expense of an escrow account. This is a point to point ACH system, and funds are insured and secure.

Stay Organized

Stay organized when you use our rental management software. All of the information is organized with your tenants and their payment records separated out by property. Download and print your financial records at any time. These records can be used for tax and accounting purposes. Use our online rent payment services to do your job efficiently.

Start accepting online rent and application fee payments today. With a simple, one-time setup you can be up and running quickly. Send rent requests to your tenants, accept application fees, pet or security deposits, or any other property fee with minimal hassle and no trips to the bank.

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