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Is Your Property Fully Covered?

Landlords across the country are choosing to require their tenants to carry Renter’s Insurance before moving into a rental property. Renter’s Insurance is FREE to the landlord and can fill gaps in coverage that your property insurance won’t, such as $100,000 in tenant liability coverage, $10,000 contents and personal property coverage, and it will even provide up to $1,000 in lost rent to the landlord.

TenantProtect from LandlordStation make requiring renter’s insurance easy.

Our rates are guaranteed so there are no long delays for quotes and all renters qualify regardless of location (Inside the US). The entire process takes about three minutes and costs less than an Uber ride.

More Perks, More Savings

When your tenant signs up for renter’s insurance with TenantProtect they will also get other perks including a welcome package with discounts on AT&T, DirectTV, and more. Their account also gives them access to credit monitoring to both protect and improve their credit.

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TenantProtect offers Renter’s Insurance from superior insurance providers with A+ (excellent) ratings through recognized ratings agencies.

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