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Protect your personal belongings from unforeseen damage with our comprehensive Renter's Insurance coverage.

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Renter's Insurance - Are You Covered?

Your landlord has likely purchased some form of property or landlord liability insurance to make sure that their investment is covered, but that insurance is not designed to cover your personal belongings or your liability if property damage is your fault. For that kind of protection, you'll need to invest in Renter's Insurance. Many landlords are requiring their tenants to provide proof of Renter's Insurance before they'll sign the lease with them, but considering what you receive for an affordable price, it can be worth the investment on your end. If the worst happens, such as a fire, or a natural disaster that damages the home, taking your personal belongings with it, you will be covered by Renter's Insurance through TenantProtect.

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This will be available soon, but currently we are set up for the tenant to purchase the insurance plan.
If you choose to pay monthly, this is renewed every 30 days. You may cancel at any time before the next renewal date and you will no longer be charged.
The per year cost is $215.00, saving you approximately $25 for the year. Don't worry, if you move, just let us know your new address and the policy moves with you.
Absolutely! Please reach out to us at and we can send you a copy to review.
Your rates will be locked in for 1 year from the time you sign up. We will always do our best to keep rates as low as possible, but after a year it is possible that the underwriting insurer could raise rates.

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TenantProtect makes signing up for Renter's Insurance easy, and if you move, your policy can move with you. You'll just need to contact us to let us know what your new address is so that it can be updated. Once you sign up up for a TenantProtect account, your Insurance Certificate will be available in your account. Let us know if you have any questions and then start protecting your valued possessions. If disaster strikes, you'll be glad you did.

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