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Rent is likely the biggest check you write every month. Use it to build and improve your credit by reporting payments to Trans Union.

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Rent Reporting - How Does It Work?

Timely payments on a mortgage are reported to the cedit bureaus and can be one of the simplest ways to build great credit. Why shouldn't timely rental payments provide that same boost? With Rent Reporting by TenantProtect, your landlord can submit your rent payments to the credit reporting agencies and help build your score and give a more accurate representation of your credit history as a renter.

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They don't need an account, but they will need to report the information and participate in the process on a monthly basis.
It is not legal to only provide negative information and not positive information. So landlords will be required to provide information every month regardless of the situation.
As long as the landlord is willing to report payments regularly, you may pay through any method that they accept.
We currently report directly to Trans Union.
Yes, the landlord will need to perform a light credentials verification and sign off that the information that they are providing is accurate.

What does the landlord need to provide?

A light credentials verification is required for the landlord. They will need to be ready to provide:

Proof of ownership/right to rent
Proof of a signed lease between landlord and tenant
Amount of rent expected
When rent is due

The landlord will not have to have a site visit, but they will need to provide confirmation that the information that they are providing is accurate. There is no monetary cost to the landlord.

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