Clear, Smart Tenant Screening Reports

Credit Only

$28 /ea

Our Credit Report Includes:

Full Credit Report
Credit Score
Scoring Factors
Rental Recommendation
Name / SSN Check

Credit + Criminal

$35 /ea

Everything in Credit Report PLUS:

Nationwide Criminal Report
State and Local Files
National Database Search for
Most Wanted, Sex Offender
and Terrorist Lists

Credit + Criminal + Eviction

$45 /ea

Everything in Credit + Criminal PLUS:

Multi-State Evictions Check - Over 1 billion eviction records searched from more than 300 county, state and federal data sets.

Up to Date Court Records

Everything + Verification

$65 /ea

Everything in Credit + Criminal + Eviction PLUS:

Phone/Email verification of Rental History
Phone/Email verification of Employment History
Phone/Email verification of References

What's this mean?

Looking for cheaper pricing? Reports are cheaper in our subscriptions.

Why choose Landlord Station's tenant screening service?

  • We make it simple by providing the most readable reports in the business, with a bold recommendation of whether to APPROVE or DECLINE an applicant.
  • Our online tenant screening is affordable, fast and very easy.
  • We deal directly with the applicant so you don't have to.
  • We offer strong support and response times in case you have any questions.
  • Our online screening service operates 24 hours a day, and gives you the basics in minutes for a quick decision.
  • We offer several packages to suit your price and requirements.
  • Our basic package includes a full credit report with score and credit summary that is often enough to satisfy you.
  • For even greater peace of mind, the basic check can be expanded to include criminal and eviction records, and even phone verifications of rental and employment history and references.
  • All data is handled with secure encryption, and your password-protected account includes data storage.
  • We use the best tenant screening practices that comply with the Fair Housing Act as set out by the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.
  • As a landlord or property manager, you have to choose trustworthy tenants right from the start.
  • The standard rental application form isn't going to tell you much about how well a tenant will take care of your property.
  • Your property is counting on you to protect it in your absence - anything you can do to make sure it's in good hands is worth it.

The Clearest Tenant Screening Reports in the Industry, Period.

Our tenant screening report is the clearest, easiest to read screen report available.
See our Sample Tenant Screening Report showing the checks listed below.

Credit Check. As the foremost item in tenant screening, this check supplies the applicant's credit score, and recommends whether to accept or decline the application. The useful credit summary gives details on multiple types of credit accounts such as installment, mortgage, revolving, closed with balance and open.

Criminal Record Check. It's also vital to check the applicant's criminal record. This report covers criminal records with details such as arrest record, court record id, filing date of court actions, charge details with description, statute ID and disposition. Please note that only convictions will show, traffic violations will not be returned, and that some information may be limited due to local laws.

Bankruptcy Report. LandlordStation conducts a public records search to find any past bankruptcies in the applicant's history, highlighting any previous debt problems that resulted in this drastic step.

Foreclosures Check. Foreclosure is another key indicator of credit worthiness, especially useful to a landlord since it deals with property mortgage obligations. We report any and all foreclosures that the applicant has been associated with.

Medical Collections. Another metric to assess the applicant's past credit history is this check for any medical bills submitted to collections.

Employment Record. This check lists the applicant's previous employment and verifies dates. It's an important check to verify identity and substantiate references.

Aliases Report. What other names might the applicant have been known by over the years? This report collates them and the institutions they were used at, to fill out the identity picture.

Past Address History. The LandlordStation tenant screening service can also provide the applicant's past address history, for an even more comprehensive picture. This investigates locations associated with current and previous homes, current and previous rentals, and current and past employers.

Eviction Records. As a final and very obvious safeguard for landlords, the tenant screening service can also perform an eviction check. Every location is listed with a verified match to a previously recorded address.

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